and Wellness
Doreen Riser is the founder and owner of Therapeutic
Acupuncture and Wellness, she
has been practicing
alternative medicine for
over 20 years.  She is
licensed in New York and New Jersey as a Physical
Therapist assistant and an NCCAOM certified
Acupuncturist licensed in New York and Connecticut.  
Ms. Riser studied, and is experienced in reflexology,
therapeutic touch, cranial sacral techniques, and
massage therapy
. Using acupuncture to treat a variety
of different conditions, ranging from anxiety, knee,
back and shoulder pain, on a very diverse group of
people, typically resulted in significant improvement with the first treatment.In
certain cases 80-100%  improvement was noted in the first treatment
depending on age and duration of the ailment.  

Doreens experience in practicing alternative medicine, in its different forms,
enables her to bring to the treatment table knowledge, confidence, and a
caring, intuitive bedside manner.  This helps relax the client and deliver the
most effective treatment tailored specifically for that individual.

Donna Broomall-Cain is an NCCAOM certified Acupuncturist licensed to
practice acupuncture in Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut.  For the past
8 years, Donna has worked with a group of physiatrists in Pennsylvania focusing
on the management of pain and dysfunction in the body. She also specializes in
"Acupuncture for infertility" and women's health issues. Donna believes that
vibrant health is the normal state of the body and that acupuncture can help bring
people suffering from pain, disease or dysfunction back to that normal state.
Donna has a Masters degree in Acupuncture from the Tri-State College of
Acupuncture, a Masters in Business Administration from the Wharton School
and a Bachelors degree in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania.
Donna Broomall-Cain L.Ac
A Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit is a Life Long Commitment
Basil Jones

Basil's interest in yoga began when he worked as a chiropractic assistant in NYC in
1995. After seeing hundreds of patients per month, he began to feel that wellness
stretched beyond the body. Basil questioned whether energetic patterns unintentionally
held by people such as, clinging to tension, shallow breathing, and, dis-ease, could
be replaced with time tested techniques from the practices of varied traditions of yoga
that allowed the individual to rebuild patterns of wellness. He went on to pursue studies
in yoga philosophy, postures, and energetics.

In 2005 Basil co-created the Aer Yoga Studio and Wellness Center in Upper
Westchester NY. The studio expanded quickly to include holistic massage and
acupressure and added an organic caf and juice bar selling products that supported
sustainable agriculture, bio-dynamic farming and locally grown fresh foods. Recognizing
the need to bring the benefits of yoga to include the community of people that favored
health clubs over yoga studios, Basil additionally created and directed a yoga program
for the Saw Mill Club from 2005-2009.
Doreen Riser L.Ac, PTA